Experience our delicious menu with no gluten, corn or soy

Enjoy a full breakfast, lunch, brunch or early dinner in our casual restaurant.

OMELETS - $12.00

Served with toast and potatoes or fruit

Powerhouse Protein Turkey sausage, bacon, sausage

From the Sea Smoked Salmon and scallions (dairy free)

Veggie Omelet Red onion, mushroom, bell peppers, zucchini, olives Vegetarian (dairy free)

Ham & Cheese: Ham and cheddar cheese


Scrambled Eggs, Cheddar Cheese with turkey sausage, bacon or ham

From the Griddle

Served with pure maple syrup





Smoked Bacon Home-Made Turkey Sausage

Potatoes Gratin (sweet potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes)

Artisan Toast with Butter and Jam

Daily Scones - $3.75

Feta-Spinach, Apricot, Wild Blueberry, Cheddar–Bacon

Daily Muffins - $3.75


Cranberry-Orange, Multi-Seed Muffin – Dairy Free

Banana-Walnut, Apple-Spice, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip

Cinnamon Swirly Buns - $5.00

Fresh Fruit Bowl - $6.00

Oat-Less Omega Granola Parfait - $6.50

Pan Sized Quiche - $10.00

Ham & Cheese, Lorraine or Veggie


Smoked Bacon Home-Made Turkey Sausage

Potatoes Gratin (sweet potatoes or Yukon Gold potatoes)

Artisan Toast with Butter and Jam

Served with Crostini

Chef’s Soup of the Day - $8.00

Served with crostini Made fresh with the highest quality ingredients

Turkey Chili - $8.00

Dairy Free

Just slightly spicy but so good

House Special Salad - $12.00

Dairy Free, Vegetarian

Organic Mixed Greens, Cherry Tomatoes Cucumbers, hardboiled egg

With Homemade Hummus of Potato Salad

Strawberry Kale Salad - $12.00

Dairy Free

Strawberries, mixed greens, baby kale, goat cheese, almonds, pepitas, pomegranate vinager

Kale Salmon Beet Salad - $13.00


Baby kale, beets, lentils, zucchini, parsley, smoked salmon Pomegranate vinaigrette dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad - $12.00

Organic Romaine, Croutons, Asiago cheese, 2GOOD2B Creamy Caesar dressing

NICOISE - $10.00

Dairy Free

Organic Mixed Greens, potatoes, Cherry tomatoes, hardboiled egg, green beans, kalamata olives

Add Seared Tuna $4

Chicken Salad - $13.00

Dairy Free

Dried Apricot, Celery, Walnut, Red Bell Pepper, Cilantro, Onion, Paprika, 2GOOD2B Mayo

Citrus Cilantro Salad - $10.00

Dairy Free

Napa Cabbage, carrots, avocado, oranges, cilantro, red onions

Add Seared Tuna $4

Roasted Turkey Panini - $12.00

Caesar Spread, Chopped Romaine, Sun-dried Tomato & Artichoke Tapenade, Provolone (Remove for Dairy Free)

Basil Pesto Chicken Panini - $12.00

Shaved Parmesan, Tomato, Romaine, Roasted Chicken

Chicken Salad Melt - $13.00

Dried apricot, celery, red bell pepper, walnut, cilantro, onion, paprika, melted cheddar (Remove dairy free)

BLTA - $11.00

Bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo

Classic Club Sandwich- $13.00

Smoked ham, roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese

Salmon Lox Panini- $13.00

Dairy Free

Smoked Salmon Lox , red onion, cucumber, capers, goat cheese lox spread

Artisan Cheddar Grilled Cheese - $8.00


Roth Kase Cheddar melted on artisan bread

California Melt - $10.00


Avocado, 2GOOD2 Mayo, Tomato, Provolone, Butter lettuce.

Caprese Panini - $10.00


Tomato, basil, pesto, mozzarella

Served with 2 sides

Home-made Chicken Pot Pie - $12.00

Chicken, English Peas, Carrots, Onions & Mushrooms

Home-made Beef Pot Pie - $13.00

Braised short ribs, pearl onions, English peas, carrots

Daily Carved Protein or Hot Table Specials- $13.00

Ask for Vegan Cheese

Just Cheese - $10.00


House marinara, asiago, mozzarella, provolone

Portabella Mushroom - $13.00


House marinara, Portabella mushroom, caramelized onions, olives, mozzarella

Margarita - $11.00


House marinara, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella

Chicken Pesto Pizza - $14.00

Grilled Chicken Breast, Pesto, Caramelized Onions, Mozzarella

Chicken Caesar - $14.00

Grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella, Caesar spread, Romaine chiffonade

Meat Lovers- $14.00

House marinara, ground turkey, bacon, chicken, mozzarella

Marinara Penne Pasta - $10.00

Vegetarian, Dairy Free

House marinara sauce

Add turkey meatballs $3

Sundried Tomato Chicken Pasta - $13.00

Dairy Free

Harvest Vegetable bowl - $12.00

Vegetarian, Dairy Free

Brown Rice penne, Mixed Seasonal Vegetables sautéed house marinara and basil

Mac & Cheese - $11.00


Asiago, mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, penne pasta, bread crumbs

Add Pesto & Bacon $2

Cupcakes - $4.00

Various selections, Dairy Free available

Dozen – $45.00

Mini Cupcakes - $2.00

Various selections, Dairy Free available

Dozen – $22.00

Brownies - $3.50

Brownies with Walnuts - $3.50

Lemon Bars - $4.00

Tiramisu or Raspberry Trifle - $5.25

Mini Coffee Cake - $4.00

Mini Marble Cake - $4.00

Dairy Free available

Full Size Loaves - $18.00

Mini Pies (Serves 2) - $7.00

Full Size Pies - $28.00

Piece of Cake/Pie of the Day - $4.00

HEALTHY SMOOTHIES (24oz) - $5.95

Strawberry Banana , Honey Dairy Free

Apple Ginger with lemon juice and honey Dairy Free

Berry Antioxidants – raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, mint and apple juice Dairy Free

Cucumber Kale with lemon juice, pineapple, and ginger Dairy Free

Honeydew Almond – almond milk, honey Dairy Free

Add: Hemp Hearts: $0.5 Vegan Protein: $1

Drinks - $3.25

Organic Drip Coffees

Organic Teas

Nespresso coffees bar

Organic freshly squeezed Orange Juice

Lemon Lavender

bottled healthy drinks