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Soups & Salads

Served with Crostini

Add a Protein:
Chicken, sliced turkey, ham, smoked salmon, Ahi tuna

Chef’s Soup of the Day - $7.00

Served with crostini
Made fresh with the highest quality ingredients

Turkey Chili - $8.00

Dairy Free

Slightly spicy but so good!

Organic Chef’s Salad - $10.00

Dairy Free

Organic spring mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, hardboiled egg

Kale, Beet, Salmon Salad - $12.00

Dairy Free

Baby kale, beets, lentils, zucchini, parsley, smoked salmon
Pomegranate vinaigrette dressing

Caesar Salad - $10.00


Organic Romaine, croutons, asiago cheese, asiago crisps
Creamy Caesar dressing

NICOISE - $10.00

Dairy Free

Organic spring mix, cherry tomatoes, hardboiled egg, green beans, Kalamata olives, fingerling potatoes

Spicy Hummus Medley - $12.00

Dairy Free

Organic spring mix, cherry tomatoes, hardboiled egg, green beans, Kalamata olives, fingerling potatoes

Asian Citrus Salad - $11.00

Dairy Free

organic spring mix, mandarin, water chestnut, roasted sesame seed, carrots
Asian sesame dressing

Kale Chicken - $12.00


Kale, chicken, walnuts, red onion, bell peppers
olive oil dressing


Chicken Salad Wraps - $12.00

Dairy Free

Dried apricot, celery, red onion, walnut, cilantro, paprika, red bell pepper, 2GOOD2B mayonnaise, chicken

Ground Turkey Wraps - $11.00

Seasoned ground turkey, sautéed mushrooms, onions, bell peppers


Roasted Turkey Panini - $11.00

Caesar spread, butter lettuce, sundried tomato & artichoke tapenade, provolone

Basil Pesto Panini - $11.00

Shaved parmesan, Roma tomato, butter lettuce, basil pesto, grilled chicken breast

Chicken Salad Melt - $12.00

Dried apricot, celery, red bell pepper, walnut, cilantro, onion, paprika, melted cheddar (dairy free)

BLTA - $11.00

Bacon, butter lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayo

Classic Club - $13.00

Smoked ham, roasted turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese (dairy free)

2GOOD2B Favorites

Served with 2 sides

Home-made Chicken Pot Pie - $12.00

Savory roasted chicken, English peas, carrots, onion, mushrooms in our 2GOOD2B flakey crust

Home-made Short Rib Pot Pie - $12.50

Braised short ribs, pearl onions, English peas, carrots in our 2GOOD2B flakey crust

Daily Carved Protein - $13.00

DF on request

Hot Table Special - $12.00

DF on request

Quiche of the Day - $9.00

2GOOD2B Thin Crust Pizzas

10″ flatbread pizzas

Substitute for Vegan Cheese add $2

Cheese - $10.00

House marinara, asiago, mozzarella

Portabella Mushroom - $12.00


House marinara, Portabella mushroom, caramelized onions, olives, mozzarella

Margarita - $10.00


House marinara, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella

Hawaiian Fire - $14.00

Bacon, ham, pineapple, jalapeno, mozzarella

Chicken Caesar - $14.00

Grilled chicken, bacon, mozzarella, Caesar spread, Romaine chiffonade

Meat - $14.00

House marinara, ground turkey, bacon, chicken, mozzarella

2GOOD2B Pastas

Turkey Meatball Pasta - $12.00

Dairy Free

House marinara sauce, turkey meatballs, penne pasta, asiago cheese

Chicken Pasta Supreme - $13.00

Garlic, baby kale, red onion, bacon, walnuts, lemon béchamel sauce

Mac & Cheese - $11.00

Dairy Free

Asiago, mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, penne pasta, bread crumbs

Pesto Mac & Cheese - $12.00


With our pesto, bacon, and red onion

Harvest Vegetable Bowl - $11.00

Dairy Free

House marinara, penne pasta, bell peppers, onion, zucchini

Baked Goods

Muffins and Scones - $3.25

DF on request


Muffins and Scones - $3.25

Mini Cinnamon Buns (4) - $5.00


Rosemary $10.00
Jalapeno or Tomato Asiago $12.00
DF Bread
White $9.50
7 Seeds $12.00
Baguette $4.50

Desserts & Drinks

Cupcakes - $4.00

Various selections

Dozen – $44.00

Mini Cupcakes - $1.95

Various selections

Dozen – $21.00

Brownies - $3.00

Brownies with Walnuts - $3.25

Lemon Bars - $4.00

Tiramisu or Raspberry Trifle - $5.25

Mini Coffee Cake - $3.50

Mini Marble Loaves - $3.50

Mini Pies (Serves 2) - $6.25

Piece of Cake/Pie of the Day - $4.00

Bread Pudding - $7.50

Drinks - 3.25

Organic Drip Coffees
Organic Teas
Nespresso drinks
Organic freshly squeezed Orange Juice
Lavender Lemonade
bottled healthy drinks