Masters Behind The Scene


There is no one standard definition that defines a good recipe, and many chefs have an extraordinary talent when it comes to creating delicious dishes. BUT many have never had to create dishes gluten, soy-protein and corn-free. It was because of these missing elements that 2GOOD2B® searched the nation to find the right chef to create our proprietary products.

The 2GOOD2B® Recipe

Founder/CEO: Our founder is passionate to provide gourmet gluten, corn and soy-free products as going gluten free has saved her life. She believes that gluten free food can taste better than conventional foods and her mission is to prove it through the company. She is very involved in the business and will be helping the Franchisee develop his own passion.

Marketing Manager: We have an in house Marketing Specialist that has worked with some of the largest brands in the nation and is using his expertise to enhance the 2GOOD2B® look and recognition. We believe in marketing as a way to grow and you the Franchisee will benefit from our campaigns.

Baking Specialists: Our team consists of highly trained bread, pastry and savory specialists that have succeeded in developing the best gluten free products in the market and these will be available in your store.

Quality Control and Health Food Specialists: We are trained to handle food safely and will train your staff. We will also extend our QA/QC program to your store.

Front of the House Specialists: We are proud of our customer service and have been praised by many. We will train our Franchisees to offer the best customer service in the market and answer all the food allergy questions that clients ask.